Agent Found in Parsley Kills Breast Cancer Cells…Fast!

This story made me happy AND angry.

Happy because this natural agent “apigenin” found in parsley and other foods was shown to clearly destroy breast cancer cells in recent research studies. See the entire article here from the University of Missouri.

Power to the parsley!

Apigenin is a substance found in celery, parsley and other foods.  By extracting the apigenin, concentrating it, and injecting it into mice with a specific form of  aggressive breast cancer, they were able to see the systematic destruction of the cancer cells.

“We don’t know exactly how apigenin does this on a chemical level,” researcher and co-author of the study Salman Hyder said. “We do know that apigenin slowed the progression of human breast cancer cells in three ways: by inducing cell death, by inhibiting cell proliferation, and by reducing expression of a gene associated with cancer growth.”

In the future, apigenin injections could be a safe alternative or supplement to the highly toxic chemotherapy drugs now in use.

So why aren’t we scrambling to start making this and get it human research studies?

Here’s where the angry comes in… because there is no funding to study this further due to pharmaceutical companies not gaining a profit from this because natural substances cannot be patented.

So here we have a medical breakthrough that could would help scores of breast cancer victims, but no one will take it on because there isn’t a buck to be made.

Once again, Mother Nature comes through….and once again, Ben Franklin (US $100 bill reference) shoots it down.

What is it going to take, folks? What is it going to take?


Another example of a cancer fighting agent that needs funding…

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12 replies

  1. I wouldn’t mind the Parsley treatment!
    Maybe the Melinda & Bill Gates foundation would be interested in helping out with something like this?!!
    Thanks for sharing Sis 🙂

  2. I like Merryn’s idea. When women band together and demand action, men will listen. We just need to be better organized.

  3. It is amazing how natural remedies do not receive funding. Pharmaceutical companies should be forced to pay a percentage towards this kind of research. Like sour sop, another touted natural cancer remedy, it cannot be patented. Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. Funny, my body has been craving celery & parsley..and grapes. I heard at a TED talk that grapes are equally as helpful. Well, I guess we have to eat tons in juices til they get off their asses. Thanks for posting this.

  5. A crying shame….but we have to keep spreading the word as you are doing Savvy Sis…thanks for the useful info.

  6. With all the millions raised for breast cancer, can’t we send some the way of ethical researchers or a group of doctors/families/entreprenurs to carry this further?

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