Cancer is fun!

Well…..not ALL the time.

I was very honored to write a guest post (10 Reasons Why Bald Chicks are Cool) for an very fun chick who writes about “The Perks of Having Cancer”.  Florence is a 44 year old “Cancer Warrior” and although we’ve never met, I have a feeling we would be tearin’ up the town if we did.  She takes being positive and upbeat about cancer very seriously. She has set out to find 100 perks of cancer (I think she’s up to #66) and also writes about healthy living.  Her writing style is entertaining, witty, and just plain addicting.

For those that are involved with cancer and even those who are not, it’s a very fun read.  Thanks Flo!



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3 replies

  1. It’s great that you & Cancer Warrior are keeping the positive side shining! I have seen a few family members bounce back & having a winning attitude was a key ingredient to help them fight such a feared disease.

  2. Thanks, Susan! It was a pleasure to feature you on my blog.

  3. Loved your post – cracked me up!

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