Are you eating “whole” foods or “hole” foods?

There’s one fact that most nutritionists agree on: eating whole foods is healthiest for everybody and is the form of food your body utilizes to stay disease-free.

You may think you’re eating whole foods, when in fact your food has “holes” where the nutrition leaked out (and I don’t mean a doghnut).

I couldn’t post better than Kimberly Stakal (well…I could, but not in this one instance) on this subject.

Please check out Organic Authority’s short but very informative post on the subject.  It’s in “list” form, and you know how everyone loves lists.

“5 Criteria to be the Best Whole Foodie You Can Be”

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  1. hmmm food!

    Seriously, lot of the good food is the food my grandmama swears by. “eat lentils elise, they’re god for you.” “eat yoyr greens they’re good for you.” “Oats are good for you.”

  2. Thanks for that. I have been struggling with incorporating Kale into my diet, but after reading about the nuttitional value of it on that site (Kale: The New Beef) I will certainly be including it into my cancer-fighting diet!
    Cancer Warrior

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