She was an extraordinary woman

Susan Niebur, the author of “Toddler Planet- The Joy of Life After Cancer” was a mother of 2 boys ages 4 & 6 and an astrophysicist.  She was an avid blogger and was front and center fighting hand to hand combat for awareness and a treatment for inflammatory breast cancer.  IBC is the most deadly form of breast cancer and it often strikes young women in their prime.   Less than 30% of all funding for breast cancer research goes to study IBC.

Susan was out to change that and appeared in articles by Parent Magazine, CNN, Health Magazine, Fox 5 news, Blogher, Washington Post, and many others.   She touched many lives as shown by her blog.  The announcement of her passing was at 6pm today and 3 hours later there are 514 comments to her blog.

Please click here for Susan’s post to read about Inflammatory Breast Cancer signs and symptoms as it is known as the “breast cancer that kills without a lump”.

Thank you

Susan Niebur blogs about battling inflammatory breast cancer while caring for two boys, including Matt, 1.

Please click on the picture to see the 2008 article on "CNN Health" about IBC

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8 replies

  1. Seems like Susan was a courageous woman that continued to do incredible work in the midst of her cancer. No doubt she will be sorely missed by her family and her community.

  2. Sad to know of the passing of a great womon. Thanks for the post and the beautiful photograph.

  3. What a wonderful woman. She did a lot of good..too bad we could not enjoy her longer. How sad. Thanks for the post Savvy Sis 🙂

  4. How horrible. Thanks for sharing her story. I will check it out.

  5. This is really a loss for so many on so many levels as Susan was right in there, at congressional hearings, writing brilliantly, and getting the word out about IBC as well as helping mom’s who have cancer and small children find that meaningful balance to life.
    Thanks Rachel

  6. What a horrible loss for her family and women in general. My heart is so sad for those little kiddos. Thank you for sharing this.

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