Corporate acquisitions suck.

My favorite independent label iced tea, Sweet Leaf, is being “acquired” by Nestle.
One of the reasons Sweet leaf tasted so good, was that it was a small company, started by two childhood friends.  They had a product they believed in, followed their hearts, and made a product I could believe in. (and it tastes flippin awesome. See my earlier post)  Organic teas and pure organic cane sugar make this the best tasting tea out there.

I know that when you make a product, you can only dream that someday, you will be purchased by a huge company  like Nestle worth billions,  but it still just doesn’t feel right to me, the consumer.

“It makes the fight more palatable when you have a great partner, and Nestle will be tremendous help for us going foreword.” said Dan Costello CEO of Sweet Leaf.

Translation:  “It’s a lot easier to sell out when they wave upwards of $45 million dollars in your face and you know that the company sold $4.4 billion in 2010.”

The Sweet Leaf team will still “be running the company” but they won’t be “running” the company, if you know what I mean.  They couldn’t even bring themselves to comment on it on their funky cool web site, and only listed a link to the Nestle site for information on the transaction.  The change has already begun……

sweet leaf acquired by nestle

OK maybe that’s too harsh. I just know that when I put my lips to that ice cold bottle of Organic Mint and Honey Iced Tea, it just won’t taste the same.

Click here for Nestle site announcement of acquisition. You can also see all the other “water products” that belong to Nestle. Some might surprise you.

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11 replies

  1. Great site. I would not miss it for anything now that I have found it. Congratulations. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. The simillar situation has happened to some companies in Japan, too. It might be good to sell products effectively but at the same time the ex owners wouldn’t be able to be flexible to make comments on their original products, like you said in the article.

    • I suppose I just like the idea of a small company that has the customer’s nest interests in mind rather than a big company that could care less.
      Oh well, I always have the power to choose not to purchase that product…although it’s going to be hard!

  3. It’s shame when that happens. The product loses that “love” value.

  4. A bigger reason to mourn this sale is the fact that Nestle has been condemned by many NGOs (such as Oxfam) for marketing baby formula in third world countries. A boycott of Nestle has been going on for at least the past 20 years — I for one don’t want to support any multinational corporation that contributes to infant deaths. Check it out.

  5. No, it’s not the Stevia company. They’re from Texas and they just make tea. BTW, I got your soaps in the mail. They are wonderful! I could smell the lavender before I opened the box!

  6. Is this the same Sweet Leaf that makes Stevia products? This is one of the best Stevia sweeteners on the market, they even contain FOS’s which is a big plus for intestinal health.

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