…that’s the slogan of MOON Organics.

natural coconut oil moisturizer

There's no product like this on the market anywhere

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, I knew I had to change the way I was living and that included finding new skincare and beauty products that were healthy.  I really didn’t find anything that was truly healthy, and when I did, it was some fancy expensive cosmetic company named after a guy.  (what does Dr. Healthyguy know about women’s beauty needs? and just what kind of doctor is he anyway? a podiatrist?)

Determined to find products that met with my scrutinizing eye, I began looking into making my own.  I was amazed at all the natural elements that were available and the power behind them.  Coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil, Dead Sea Salt and hundreds more…all with proven power to smooth, hydrate, and tone.

So in my quest to help everyone “get healthy” MOON Organics was born!

Don’t worry, The Savvy Sister will still be promoting health, wellness and happiness and finding great recipes for you.  This post is just to say;

“Hey, if you’re looking for natural organic products to make you look and feel beautiful, check out MOON Organics.  “Window” shopping is free.”

Thanks, and now…back to our regularly scheduled program…..  🙂

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9 replies

  1. Whooo! Love anything with coconut oil in it – I should check this out!!!

  2. I love how you have formulated your own skincare products to use. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You are so inspirational. Wow!

    • It really was out of need that I made my own stuff, but when others started asking me to make them some too, I thought…wait a minute here…..
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Blackhuff. You are in inspiration all your own.

  3. I just checked out your products and they look fantastic and I love the prices!! I might have to treat myself with your beauty products!

  4. I love your spirit!! I will go to your store. I love window shopping anyways!!! 🙂

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