What Happens When You Quit?

If you are trying to quit smoking, and are having a tough time of it, you’re not alone.

My previous post “Smoking Hot or Smoking Not” gives encouraging tidbits of info to keep you smoke-free, and some resources if you are ready to quit now.

Royce is a new blogger who is chronicling his journey with recently quitting. (for the 4th time–which is the normal number of attempts for smokers)  He is posting what he feels and what is happening with his body through the quitting process.  Everyone reacts differently to smoking cessation, but if you’re curious to see what might happen to you when you quit, check it out.  If you have a sec, I’m sure he would be able to use some encouragement. You can leave a “way to go!” here.

Usually quitters never win, but in this case, they definitely do.  Go get ’em, Royce!how to quit smoking

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3 replies

  1. Oh yes. Everyone does react different to quitting smoking. Good luck Royce.

  2. Thanks for the post! More pressure now!! haha

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