These swim goggles made me cry….

sending kids off to college


I was digging out a flower bed and came across these swim goggles buried in the dirt.  Then…I felt that tight feeling in my throat as my eyes filled up with tears.  I started bawling.  Here’s why:

The swim goggles belong to my beautiful  8-year-old daughter.  I remember the day she lost them and blamed her little sister for taking them without asking and a huge fight broke out.  Feels like it was yesterday.

Fast forward  10 years.  In 30 days I will be dropping my baby off at a college 4 hours away from home.  I don’t want to, but I know it’s time.

I hope she's just a little bit sad to leave.

Since this blog is about being happy, I have to think about all the wonderful things that she will experience on her journey through college life.  I am so proud of her and I am confident she will do whatever she sets her mind to.  That makes me happy.

Heavy sigh….(as she tries to smile.)

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  1. What a touching post! I’m sure she’s sad to leave home! It feels like forever until my first daughter will start college. That’s 12 years from now. My girls still need a lot of my care and I’m busy raising two kids, but I hope it won’t go by too fast. Thanks for always visiting my blog!! It always makes me smile to see your comment.

  2. What a touching post and she’s a gorgeous girl 🙂 I can’t imagine you have a kid that big….did you marry real young?

  3. Your “baby” daughter is beyond beautiful! When I first saw her picture I was so taken a’back by her beauty and vibrance. You are going to miss her so much while she’s away at college, and she’ll miss you too. But you just have to feel so proud that you raised such an incrediblly delightful, bright and sensitive human being! You rock!!! 🙂 Keep your good info comin!!!
    Jane (Glo’s friend in Chicago)

  4. I love the image of the goggles; it is so true that the littlest things can bring us to tears when we remember those happy times gone by! Even though you are so right to be happy and proud and excited for your daughter, and even though she is surely ready to fly, you can’t help but feel a loss, too. I found the transition into the “empty nest” phase was much harder than I thought. But a year after my baby (the third of my three) left for college, my husband and I are finding that life in this free and easy phase is pretty sweet! Nonetheless, all it takes is finding an old toy in the back of a closet, and I’m a basket case again! Good luck to your daughter, and to you!!

  5. Thanks Savvy Sis…you made us all realize that time goes by fast so enjoy every moment with you little babies…18 years goes by fast 🙂

  6. What a beautiful girl! I am sure you have given her a great foundation for the future — I”ll be eager to hear her progress through the wonderful world of college life!

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