This one’s got me fired up!!!!!

I started to compose a different blog, but my eye was drawn to a story that really enraged me for several reasons that I will explain.

Abercrombie & Fitch, a clothes manufacturer that is extremely popular with teens, and now pre-teens, has just introduced, for purchase, a “push-up bikini bra” for girls ages 8 to 14. Read that again…..I’ll wait.

A “push-up” bikini top, for those of you who are guys, is a bra that has extra padding inside that makes your breasts look bigger, and adds cleavage. CLEAVAGE!!! In 8 year olds!!!

This is not a bad joke...unfortunately

We all know the media, whether it’s magazines, TV, videos, or movies, has a lot to do with defining the “perfect girl” and her measurements.  But when 2nd graders are being told they need cleavage, it is time to step back and say “I feel sick”.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has an age category for teens that starts at age 13.  In the 13 to 19 year old category, there were 74,841 plastic surgery procedures performed in 2010. 8500 of them were breast implants.  Also noted were some 13,467  Botox injections for the same age group of 13-19–an increase of 13% from 2009.

And it’s not just the US teens that want to be popping out of their shirts.  A report in the London Sunday Times shows an increase of 150% in the number of 18 year olds undergoing breast enlargement in 2008.

Special problems with implants for teens

I don’t have to tell anyone who has lived through “the awkward years” about self image.  All adolescents want the perfect body, skin, hair, and life.  Unfortunately, what they see in the mirror is not reality.

Here are some actual facts according to the Breast Implant Information Project:

  • The risk of lung cancer and some other cancers also is higher for breast augmentation patients compared to similar women without implants.
  • There are no epidemiological studies or clinical trials on the safety and long-term risks of breast implants and liposuction on patients under 18, so, the risks are unknown.
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has an official position against breast augmentation for most teens under 18, but there is no enforcement. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has no official position regarding augmentation for teenagers.
  • 40% of augmentation patients have at least one serious complication within three years after getting their saline implants.
  • breast augmentation patients are four times more likely to commit suicide compared to other women of the same age
  • Breast implants interfere with mammography, and ultrasound, obscuring 55% of breast tumors, on average.
  • Women who have breast implants are less likely to have enough milk to be able to breastfeed, compared to women who have not had breast surgery
breast implants

If her mom could, she would have this 5 year old under the knife faster than you can say "Like a Virgin"

I fear that if we keep sending the bizarre message to our elementary school aged girls that “you are strange if you don’t have breasts before 3rd grade” it will lead to not only unrealistic expectations, but feelings of inadequacy,  low self esteem, and depression.  This will eventually lead to substance abuse, and teen pregnancy and suicide.

Having raised two girls myself (they are ages 16 and 18 now) I know how extremely hard it is to limit exposure to all the crap that is shown to them every second.  But we as parents, and we as a society, have to come to a point when we say “enough is enough”.

I think we have just reached that point.

Here’s a great short video to sum it up. (I am not advocating Dove products, I just like this video)

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18 replies

  1. i have boycotted abercrombie & fitch for at least the past ten years.
    for good reason, as you obviously know. boycott is powerful.
    thanks for being up on this. there’s nothing like a reality check : – }

  2. Thank you so much for showing that I am not the only one who is mad as hell towards the over-objectification of girls and women. I am sad whenever I hear on the news that little girls as young as 5 having negative body image and this should not be happening. By the way, the Madonna outfit on a little girl in the picture featured on your blog post is not just disturbing but also leaves me wondering what was the mother thinking when she allowed her kid to be a mini-Madonna. A push up bikini top for a little girl is very wrong at all levels and the people who come up with ideas of creating skimpy and sexualised for our kids can go to hell for all I care.

    Ok, deep breath… this is just OUTRAGEOUS!! A push-up for 8 year olds? That’s just sick! They should be out playing with friends and not thinking about rearranging body parts they don’t even have yet! Who would even buy something like this for an 8-year-old? Or a 13-year-old–or ANY teenager for that matter?

    Loved that video by the way… so very important for all women who have any kind of influence on girls and younger women.

    • Thanks so much for your anger! 🙂
      Your so right about the influence on young women. We are constantly saying how we don’t like this body part or that…. or “I’m so fat..” etc. in front of our daughters without really giving thought to what it’s doing to how they look at themselves.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  4. That bra is just crazzzy!!! And that tot in the Madonna outfit..disturbing! What is the world coming to.

    I love that Dove video…great job. I do feel bombarded by all these expectations from magazines. Maybe that’s why I like seeing candid shots of celebs sans make-up and photoshop.

  5. This is SO wrong on SO MANY levels!!!!!!!!!!

    Teenagers have enough stress and pressure-what are parents thinking????

    They have to buy this CRAP-bikinis or plastic surgery-what is next???

    This is where TV, facebook, internet, cell phones all show this garbage
    and that’s all they talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Savvy are amazing I REALLY enjoy ALL of
    your posts!

  6. Absolutely disgraceful! Parents have the responsibility to bring up their boys and girls with the best start in life, and retailers just want to suck the money out of parents, they probably don’t realise they are sucking the life out of children at the same time. The saddest part about it to me is that companies are made out of individuals, and for no individuals to kick up a stink to stop the manufacturing of crap like the push-up bikini for kids just makes me sick. I’m going to re-post this link on my page. Thanks SS!

  7. Right on girls…This sends the wrong message to teenage and pre teen boys as well..that this is ok! Before you know it..they will have pre-teen sports illustrated swim suit issue!! I love your comments.

  8. Thanks so much for being on the same page. I am so sick of what women allow society to do to them. And now what these moms think they need to do to their baby girls, (because 13-20yrs. of age is still a baby) Shame on the media and retailers! And how dumb can these moms be to change themselves and daughters to get such piggish attention from gross men. Sending the wrong message! These are the same people who say,”she was such a good girl, I don’t know what happened” How about some fashion that says this is who I am and I would like to look smart so I can take care of myself in life and have the right opportunities in life!


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