Nice Melons!….Tasty Zucchini!



As Heidi was holding the melons, Spencer got an idea...

So sorry for this, but I just couldn’t resist….

OK, so I just had to try these new cross bred melons at Trader Joe’s the other day. They look like honey dews, but inside they are orange and tasted like a cross between a cantaloupe and a peach.  They were the sweetest things I’ve ever tasted.  I’ve been trying to find them on the internet, and I don’t remember the name of them (anyone?…..anyone?….)  I hope these will become commonplace soon.



Like a honeydew on the outside, but like a cantaloupe on the inside--cool!

1 cup of melon has 108% RDA for vitamin C and 120% RDA for Vitamin A, and 14% RDA for potassium and can act as a mild anti-inflammatory.  I just could not get enough of these–so good if you can find them!

I also tried a new way (well, new to me…) of cooking my zucchini and summer squash.  It’s so simple, but it brings an amazing flavor out that I am not getting with any other way of cooking.


If you think you don't like zucchini, you've never had it like this

Cut 2 zucchini and 2 summer squash into 1/2 inch discs with skin on, and toss with 1 TBS olive oil. Place in heated pan on med/high heat. Use a cast iron if you have one. Here’s why.  Sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  You can also use a pinch of garlic powder or my favorite Old Bay in place of the S & P  if you like a bit more spice.  Cook about 10 minutes on side 1, flip, and about 6 minutes on side 2. They should look slightly browned.  They will be soft and moist with an amazing flavor that tastes like you’ve marinated them in something, but you haven’t!  Everyone liked these in the house.

zucchini squash

A cup of raw zucchini has 20 calories, no fat, and 35% RDA for vitamin C as well as 2 g of protein.  (tossing them in the oil adds a trivial amount of fat and calories in this recipe)

The zucchini is great just by itself, but it can also be used in other recipes


roasted vegetables

This made a filling low fat, low calorie meal that really satisfied

We used them in making veggie quesadillas pairing them with orange peppers, sauteed mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, roasted tomatoes and tofu and put it on a spinach flour tortilla.

Let me know how you like them!

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8 replies

  1. I was shopping today after I read your post and found myself irresistibly drawn to the melon section — and lucky me, they were on sale. What’s your method for finding the perfectly ripe melon?

    • My method is to buy one that is cut open already! ;0)
      Really, though, whole melons should have a little bit of “give” or a slight indent at the stem end (this ensures that the melon was picked at the proper time), and the smell of the melon should come through a bit like with pineapple.
      Happy eating!

  2. The first photo is funny. Great way to start a post to draw attention to your post! I like zucchinis, but my husband doesn’t… Your dish looks good!

  3. The picture you show here is exactly what the ones we plant here in SA, looks like and we call it cantaloupe. Perhaps the names differs in the world of ours 🙂

  4. The right name for these fruit you bought at Taders Joe is cantaloupe. This is something we here in South Africa, plant ourselves. Like you say, it is so sweet and so nice on a Summer day. People who don’t like watermelon here in SA, eat this cantaloupe instead, like me 🙂
    Glad you like it and I hope you found it again soon because it is SOOOO delicious 🙂

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