Too bad you can’t smell this…..

A little while back I blogged about my new cast iron cookware that has both cooking and health benefits.  I am really enjoying the way it heats everything so evenly and the way it cleans up nicely.  I am doing all my cooking in them.

vegan chili

This never lasts long in my house!

I decided to make my all-time-favorite chili in my new cast iron Dutch oven.  The cast iron really did something for the flavor of the chili and it was the best I’ve ever made. (if I do say so…)  The aroma of the chili cooking just fills the house, and I love that it’s ready in 30 minutes!

So grab a Dutch oven (wooden shoes optional) and try this chili. I guarantee you’ll like it or your money back!


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7 replies

  1. Not that there’s anything wrong with tofu……

  2. that looks awesome. My stomach is growling. And it’s vegan!

  3. yummmm it looks sooo good. I love my spice.

  4. I bought my Lodge cast iron frying pan last week — love it!

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