Haven’t Found Jesus? Try a GPS!

Finding Jesus may be as easy as turning on a GPS tracking device.

Many churches around the country are using GPS tracking technology in their baby Jesus statues that lie in mangers on church grounds.  It seems the baby Jesus’s are the target of many vandals that would like to take him home and call him their own.

I am trying to think of the reason why someone would steal baby Jesus.  I mean…to steal anything is risky….but to steal Jesus is really risky.  Even if your an atheist, you have to have pretty big one’s to steal Jesus.

And what are they doing with him once they have it?

My husband stole a poster of Don Mattingly from a train station in New York and hung it in his room. I guess a baby Jesus might look pretty cool next to Don.

So beware all you stealers of 4 foot plastic replicas of the infant Son of God…..they will find you. And when they do…God help you.

This has nothing to do with the health posts you are used to getting from me, but this did give me laugh, and as you all know laughter is good medicine!



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  1. I googled “salmon color enhanced through feed” and have been having fun reading your blog since! Thanks You

  2. It gave me a laugh!

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